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Mauritius Festivals

Mauritius is a beautiful nation presenting the blend of Indian, Chinese and African culture, tradition and various rituals that are celebrated at grand way. This is the main reason, Mauritius witnesses festivals almost every month. There are various main festivals and religious events celebrated in Mauritius like Cavadee, Chinese Spring Festival, Christmas, Divali, Easter, Eid-Ul-Fitr, Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Maha Shivaratree, Pere Laval Pilgrimage and Ugadi. There are also various other festivals that you are enjoyed. During your honeymoon or any kind of other holidays, you will be enjoying the best time here.

Cavadee – It is a grand celebration enjoyed for the duration of Jan/Feb months along with fire-walking and sword-climbing ceremonies. It is among the most spectacular Tamil events. Devotees pierced with needles and the tongue as well as cheeks with skewers; while devotes, trans-like and in penance, walks in procession to the temple bearing the Cavadee, a wooden arch covered with flowers with a pot of milk at each end. It is a public holiday in Mauritius.

Eid-Ul-Fitr – A festival celebrated world-wide after the end of Ramadan Month – the holy month of fasting by Muslim Community, Eid-Ul-Fitr is a public holiday celebration in Mauritius. It is a day of rejoicing and thanksgiving for Muslims.

Chinese Spring Festival – It is also counted as the Chinese New Year, celebrated in the months of Jan/Feb as per the adjustment of lunar days. Red is the dominant color of this festival; while food is piled up to ensure abundance during the year. Not to mention the traditional wax cake that is distributed to relatives and friends.

Ganesh Chathurti – It is a holy festival celebrated in the month of September – mainly on the 4th day of Lunar Month of Hindu Calendar. It is the festival celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha.

Divali – The most popular and grand festival of lights celebrated by Hindus worldwide is a festival organized in the month of October/November for marking the victory of righteousness over evil in the Hindu Mythology. People decorate their homes with new things and lighting strips along with clay oil lamps.

Holi – The beautiful festival of colors celebrated in India is also famous in Mauritius. It is celebrated in the month of March and with the beginning of spring season. People squirt colored water on each other and wish Happy Holi to each other.

Père Laval Pilgrimage – It is celebrated in the month of September by people of all faiths who flock to the shrines of Father Jacques Desire Laval – a 19th century French Missionary, in Sainte Croix. You will catch a glimpse of Lourdes in the fervor of the crowd who attributes miraculous healing powers to this holy man.

After your arrival in the beautiful island paradise, you will come close to points to know about the main attractions.