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Hong Kong Festivals

People in Hong Kong celebrate their festivals with grand joyous and in memorable way. There are various festivals organized and celebrated all round the year. Christmas, New Year, etc are also very common celebrated in the city in a grad way. Some of the popular festivals are the following:

Chinese (Lunar) New Year

It is the most awaited festival where first three days of the Chinese New Year are the best time to enjoy in Hong Kong. It is call as Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year is good time to soak up the festive mood and listen to Chinese New Year Songs. There are some celebratory events like Lion Dances, Fireworks and parades.

Ching Ming Festival

The wonderful festival is known as grave sweeping day that is all set to show the respect to the deceased, family members go the grave of their ancestors to sweep away leaves and remote weeds around the grave area.

Spring Lantern Festival

You will experience the traditional Chinese festival, if you go to Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. You will see a considerable number of lanterns found the in park.

Lord Buddha Birthday

Called as the Buddha Bathing Festival, it is one of the most spiritual and unique festival celebrated in Hong Kong. You will see people gathering together in Buddha Temples paying respect to severed deity by bathing statues for him in bowls of water. Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island witnesses the grand celebration.

Tuen NG Festival

Also called as Dragon Boat Festival, Tuen NG Festival is a festival in memory of National Hero from the Spring and Autumn Period of Chinese History. You will see dragon boats racing. Eating glutinous rice dumplings with pork fillings and regular wine is the part of festival.

Tin Hau’s Birthday

According to people, Tin Hau is the Goddess of the sea and patron saint of fisherman. On her birthday, locals flock to the more than 70 temples dedicated to her in Hong Kong to pray for safety, security, fine weather and full fishing nets.

Hungry Ghost Festival

It is the grand festival runs throughout the seventh month of the Chinese calendar. It is believed that the gates of hell open for the duration of this period and hungry ghosts are allowed to roam freely into the world. it is not a public holiday, but people follow rituals and traditions.

Moon Festival or Mid Autumn Festival

Celebrated n the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, it starts with moon cakes that include lotus seed paste and duck egg yolks that are popular delicacy.


The wonderful festival of western countries has been growing rapidly in popularity and many people dress up to similar in Ching Ming in spring. Ocean Park Disneyland is the place to be for Halloween fun.

There are also various other festivals celebrated in a grand way.