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Food in Vietnam Cambodia

No matter whether you are a traveller or not, but surely you would not be able to resist an offer of delicious food, right? Moreover, when the food you are been offered is from Vietnam and Cambodia, then it simply becomes all the more irresistible. These two are truly two unique places, not only because of their colonial past or rich cultural heritage but also because of their colourful present and cooking culture. Other than having strong flavours of their own, the food here takes inspiration from some of its neighbours like Thailand, China and Laos too. So, if you wish to have a taste of Vietnamese and Cambodian cuisine on your next vacation, then continue reading and know about the best food places in these countries.

1. Cha Ca La Vong, Vietnam

Standing on the narrow street of the old quarter in Hanoi, this restaurant has been catering to the tastes and requirements of people for several decades and till date its popularity is still the same. The restaurant receives its name after a popular Vietnamese dish, which is obviously its speciality. So, when here you will not have a hard time choosing and ordering your food. The restaurant is open from 11 am to 10 pm.

2. Friend, Cambodia

This is a training restaurant, located in Phnom Peng area and is quite popular among the city folks. When here, you are served with creative and delicious cuisine in share plated which are influenced and get inspiration from food across the globe. You can get a variety of juices and cocktails here too. Moreover, it is known that with the funds they earn this restaurant also helps disadvantaged youth. What can be better than relishing good food and working for a social cause as well?.

3. Vietnam House

If you are searching for a popular restaurant in Vietnam offering food at the most reasonable prices, then your search will end at Vietnam house. They are known to serve Vietnamese cuisine and provide good quality food as well as services. For vegans and those looking for gluten free food, this restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City is a great choice. You can visit here anytime between 11:30 am and 11 pm.

4. Epic Arts, Cambodia

This is a unique café in Kampot which is known to hire mostly deaf staff and serve light lunches as well as homemade cakes. Moreover, the profits earned from the restaurant goes for art workshops for disabled.

Now that you know these amazing food joints, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, relish the yummy food and treat your stomach from a blast of multiple flavours and local ingredients.