new zealand which 5 countries should i visit before i die?

which 5 countries should i visit before i die?

People have been creating their own must-see travel bucket lists for years. From the Louvre in Paris to the canals in Venice, there are some sights, places and cultures that must be experienced with our own eyes before we die. With so many beautiful countries, cultures and people to see in this ever-changing world, this list wasn’t easy to compile. However, we have listed these five vacation spots and sights for you to plan your next vacation accordingly:

  1. Albania:
    While its neighbors Croatia and Greece are pretty established on the tourist radar, Albania somewhat remains a mystery to most travelers. But, those who explore it will find mesmerizing UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the ancient Greek city of Butrint. Furthermore, Albania boasts gorgeous mountain lakes, pristine beaches, Ottoman architecture and friendly folks who’ll gladly show you the way, when you are in need of direction. Make a trip to Albania, one of the most underrated countries to visit in Europe, before the rest of the globe realizes what they are missing.
    Albania Which 5 countries should I visit before I die?
  2. Nepal
    After a series of disastrous earthquakes and aftershocks, the tourism industry of Nepal is once again on the rise. Though hundreds are still homeless, and daily life isn’t fully back to normal, Nepal’s historic landmarks are being restored slowly and beautifully. The resilient Nepalese are finding their feet, and routes for trekking are reopening. Tourist dollars that are spent thoughtfully will go a long way in this country, choosing grass roots tour companies and independent homestays ensures money will end up in the local pockets. And with stunningly varied landscapes – from the majestic Himalayas to lush jungles inhabited by rhinos, elephants and tigers – Nepal should be one of the countries you need to include to your bucket list.

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    nepal which 5 countries should i visit before i die?

  3. New Zealand
    There’s probably no one who has visited New Zealand that hasn’t immediately fallen in love with this enigmatic land. It’s really to find countries and places where travel junkies are more gratified in New Zealand, in terms of the grandeurs of nature as well as the man-made marvels. New Zealand’s backdrop is totally magnificent, with its remarkable springs, snowclad mountains, widespread beaches and prehistoric forests. The synchronicity between Europeans and Maori people forms the basis of the distinctive and fascinating Kiwi culture.

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    new zealand which 5 countries should i visit before i die?

  4. Portugal
    Small yet mighty, Spain’s neighbor has a distinct language, cuisine and culture. During summer, make sure to visit the western village of Comporta – the country’s answer to Ibiza. And, of course, no trip to Portugal is complete without a glass of delightful port wine from the Douro Valley.
    Portugal which 5 countries should i visit before i die?
  5. Thailand
    With its intriguing history and colorful culture, it’s no wonder Thailand is often deemed as one the best countries to visit in Southeast Asia. From national parks and secluded islands to elaborate places and Buddhist temples, Thailand truly has all the hallmarks of a perfect vacation destination. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, with its gigantic malls and bustling streets, sharply contrasts with the serene villages in the hilly regions. But, this diversity is what exactly makes Thailand a gripping destination for travelers. Plus, the people here are rather convivial and Thai food is simply mouthwatering and irresistible.You can book international tour packages to any of these places and more from Smart Holiday Shop by contacting us at or 7838398058.

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