Top 14 honeymoon destinations in seychelles

Think of a tropical island fantasy and Seychelles will come to your mind! The stunning stretches of white sands lay unspoilt by human civilisation and allure tourists from all over the world to pay a visit to this land! Beautiful boulder-strewn beaches, virgin jungles, thriving coral reefs, and UNESCO-listed nature reserves are just some of the many attractions of the archipelago’s 115 coral and granite islands, which are the peaks of a vast underwater plateau. You will never get bored in Seychelles since there is a lot to do here: On land you can hike mountain trails, bask on the ravishing beaches, rock climb, photograph the unique flora and fauna, and dine on mouthwatering Créole cuisine. One can always engage in aquatic pursuits such as diving, snorkeling, surfing, and sailing are all world class, and the Seychelles boast some of the richest fishing grounds in the world.


  1. Anse Intendance, Mahé

Anse Intendance

One of the best honeymoon destinations in seychelles and Mahé’s most beautiful beaches, this small and secluded crescent of sand on the island’s south coast is a favorite surfing spot thanks to its frequent big swells and wild waves. The lack of a protective reef makes swimming a little rough when trade winds blow from the southeast, but sunbathers, beachcombers, and photographers will enjoy this picturesque, palm-framed strand at any time of year. Turtles nest along the powdery shores here.


  1. Anse Lazio, Praslin

Anse Lazio Praslin

If you are wondering of things to do in seychelles on honeymoon, head to the north shore of Praslin Island, Anse Lazio (Chevalier Bay) is one of the island’s most picturesque beaches. You have to hike over a hill to access the beach, but it’s worth the effort. Flanked by rounded granite boulders, this long stretch of soft blond sand merges with crystal clear waters in dreamy shades of blue. Takamaka trees and coconut palms fringe the beach providing patches of shade for relaxing, and hungry bathers can refuel at restaurants on both ends of the beach.


  1. Aldabra Atoll

Aldabra Atoll
One of the world’s largest atoll and listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Aldabra Atoll is the place to see giant land tortoises (Around 150,000 tortoises in all). The atoll consists of 13 islands making up about one-third of the Seychelles’ land mass. The atoll’s islands nurture a vast array of both unique flora and fauna as well as the world’s largest population of giant tortoises. For those divers and snorkelers, its lagoon will definitely conquer you since it boasts the most vibrant marine life of the entire archipelago.


  1. La Digue Island :

La Digue Island
Amazing beaches like Petite Anse and Anse Anse Source D’Argent are pretty famous here. Also, couples can easily sunbathe in these beaches. The main attraction in this beach is horse-riding and expedition trips to tiny Félicité Island, with population of 12, from the island. Honeymooners can enjoy plenty of outdoor fun activities like bicycles for guests to use and do cycling around the island, picnic and snorkeling in one of the secluded inlet to the sea.

  1. Fregate Island :

Fregate Island

It has 16 very large private villas where you can do recreational sports like scuba-diving, yachting,   snorkeling are quite popular here. Also, the thick forested area has its charm.The real attraction of the island is its granite outcrops and resident turtles, tortoises, flying foxes. This is definitely one of the best honeymoon destinations on a budget in seychelles.

  1. Aquarium Area, Desroches

The Aquarium, Madam Zabre and PasseTambi are the best spots for seeing turtles, stingrays and colourful reef fish. Diving is sublime there. With 14 classified sites such as the amazing ‘Desroches Drop’ or ‘The Canyon’ and mysterious labyrinths of unusual caves and columns, you will, without any doubt, enjoy unforgettable diving experiences. Desroches is the largest of the Amirantes archipelago.


  1. Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden

 Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden

Unlike any other garden you’ve ever visited, Le Jardin Du Roi blends beauty with substance, the air is alive with the various scents of the plants making for a beautiful and eclectic collection to delight the senses. You will have the chance to buy those spices as they are sold in an on-site store A garden growing a kitchen full of spices.


  1. Nid d’Aigle

Nid d Aigle

For those who like to work for their reward, a hike to Nidd’Aigle cannot be missed. Astounding scenery surrounds every step, and as the highest point in the area, you’re given an incomparable view of the entirety of the Seychelles.


  1. Vallee De Mai, Praslin

A unique spot on earth where you will be able to see the towering Coco de Mer trees with their enormous fruits shaped like a pelvis on one side and a human bottom on the other. Declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, visiting the reserve is a must for every visitor. Explore the three trails of this prehistoric forest and witness endemic palms and birds such as the shy Black Parrot.


  1. Rene Payet Veuve Reserve, La Digue


Have some time enjoying La Digue’s calmeness at an oxen’s pace. Have a ride through the island’s traditional mode of transport, ox cart, along the coastline or enjoy short excursion to the Rene Payet Veuve Reserve which houses the endangered Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher found only on La Digue.


  1. Anse Georgette:

Anse Georgette
Renowned for pink rocks, Anse Source D’Argent on La Digue Island is one of the best beaches in the world. It has a breathtaking beauty and heaven for honeymooners. It has a massive grey boulders and crystal-clear waters are the main attraction of this world-famous beach in Seychelles.


  1. Anse Source D’Argent:

It has a clear white sand beaches and turquoise water. Swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and banana boat rides are popular activities to do on the beaches of Seychelles.It is known for the granite boulders along stunning beaches such as Anse Source D’Argent. Honeymooners can enjoy biking and ox-cart riding on the island.


  1. Beau Vallon:

Beau Vallon

It is mahe’s most popular beach resort which white sand and crystal clear water. The island attracts travelers and locals to the Beau Vallon beach and the many landmarks of Victoria – one of the smallest national capitals of the world.


  1. Sainte Anne National Marine Park


Scuba diving, glass-bottom boat trips and snorkelling are popular among the coral reefs of this national park, which comprises six islands off the coast of Mahé. Enjoy a relaxing stay on Sainte Anne and Cerf islands and discover the delicious Seychellois’ cuisine on Round Island.


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