Top 12 Honeymoon Destinations In The World

international Top 12 honeymoon destinations in the world

After the hectic and exhausting wedding is over with all the family rituals, couples really look forward to their honeymoon, a time that would never come back again and to spend some quality time and relax with their loved ones. Just like us honeymoons also come in shapes and sizes to fit in your joint preferences see Honeymoon is one of the most important parts for all newlyweds to make it worth the money and experience we bring you 12 best honeymoon destinations on a budget for you all – ranging from sunny beaches to snowy mountains.


Singapore is one of the best honeymoon destinations to visit in December.  It is a country that celebrates colorful culture. It is tiny yet so modern as it offers great variations in both markets and places to visit.  The best part, it offers the visitors with great bargains and a affordable way of spending their money.

THINGS TO DO: Singapore is famous as a holiday destination because of its day excursions and cruises. Don’t forget to include famous national museum of Singapore, orchard road and the underwater world, dolphin lagoon in your travel list.


If you are someone who loves privacy but also likes it fancy, then Mauritius is just the perfect honeymoon destination for you. Book a honeymoon package to Mauritius and have the most memorable times of your life.

THINGS TO DO: If you are someone who loves romantic dates then you know where to go, you can go on dates on private island, cruise around a catamaran, paraglide in the carefree breeze and feel sensations. If you’re someone who loves doing adventurous things with their partner, Mauritius has something stored in for you as well, you could go trekking up to the craters of the active volcano at reunion islands.

03. BALI

Tired and exhausted after busy wedding days? Treat yourself and your beloved with calm serene beaches and splendid views to add the spice to your intimate beginning. Bali is the most suitable romantic getaway even if you are looking for a honeymoon getaway Bali Packages under 1 lakh rupees.

Bali Tourism

THINGS TO DO: Do adventurous and fun stuff with your beloved one, indulge in parasailing and adventure sport. Don’t miss out on the magnificent temples and enjoy a breezy and fun on the windy beaches! Bali is really budget friendly, good for shopping and has beautiful sights to see!


Next on our list is Maldives, this romantic getaway is full of greenery, exotic beaches and coconut palms.

THINGS TO DO: don’t miss out on the anti-national marine park and enjoy the sight of the wildlife. Popularly known for the harbor of the islands of love, Anse Lazio, Victoria and cousin islands are a must visit. a


If you believe in keeping it simple and sorted, Sri Lanka is just the perfect place for you. sri Lanka is economical, has privacy, beaches and more!

THINGS TO DO: visit world heritage site and citadel of Sirgiya lion rock. Other mustvisit for romantics are little Adam’s peak, yala national park, worlds endpoint and lastly whale watching!


I am sure the city of love needs no introduction when it comes to International honeymoon destinations! Spend your days with your partner sipping wine and walking hand in hand around Eiffel tower.

THINGS TO DO: must visits are the palaces of Versailles, the louvre museum, the arc de triomphe, grevin wax museum and opera de Paris. Lastly, the beautiful Eiffel tower!

paris Top 12 honeymoon destinations in the world


Goa is one of the most prized honeymoon destinations of India because of how lush greenery, beachy vibes and the weather

THINGS TO DO: Visit the exotic beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and parks and enjoy the beautiful night life partying and dancing the night away. Don’t forget to rent scooters and have the ride of your lives.

09. AGRA

Agra known for all monument of love is the best one for a sweet and budget friendly honeymoon! What’s better than witnessing the eternal monument of love with your loved one?

THINGS TO DO: Don’t miss out on the Taj mahal, beautiful other works of history. There would be really nice Agra work dresses and sarees near Taj mahal itself. If you choose on staying in a luxury hotel then even better as you can enjoy the city houses of plethora.

10. Udaipur

Udaipur tops the list with one of the most visited places for honeymoon because of its beautiful scenic beauty and beautifully carved monuments.

THINGS TO DO: don’t miss out on the beautiful manmade lakes and several forts and places which add a bit of a romantic grandeur to the place. lake palace and jag niwas are the best hotels for the lovebuds.


If you think tea is the only thing Darjeeling is known for, then you are clearly wrong. Darjeeling is also known for energetic romantic vibe and the cold weather and the beautiful snowy mountains.

THINGS TO DO: Begin your journey with the beautiful Himalayan railway of Darjeeling and the scenic locations surrounding it. Don’t miss out on the various romantic hotspots for couples and road tripping


12. Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a beautiful place located in himachal Pradesh, the best summer retreat. Filled with snow and beautiful scenic beauty to be stunned at!

THINGS TO DO: Skiing, skating and camping are things you shouldn’t miss on doing, visit all the mesmerizing locations, scenic views of the Himalaya.


Looking for a honeymoon destination under 1 lakh? We have it all covered for you. The beautiful breathtaking Malaysia would make you spellbound with its breathtaking islands, a rich tapestry of cultures and history, world class modern facilities and a fascinating collection of flora and fauna.

Perfect for cheap and charismatic honeymoon experience.

THINGS TO DO: when visiting Malaysia night-time driving, island hopping, jungle trekking or water sports with your beloved are a must. Laze around at the idyllic beaches and sock your body in sun and a great new for all the shopaholics you could shop till you drop. Couples can enjoy the exhilarating cable car ride all the way to gunung mat cincang.

These places are perfect not only for your honeymoon but also for you pockets. I hope this article helped you decide better. Read the whole article? What are you waiting for, book your tickets and suitable package for you and fly away this summer!

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