The Venetian Top 12 honeymoon destinations in Hong Kong Macau

Top 12 honeymoon destinations in Hong Kong Macau

There are many honeymoon destinations across the world for newlyweds to choose from. Deciding where to go for your first trip as a married couple continues to be one of the toughest questions that couples have to face. However, a clear favourite that emerges amongst hundreds of options is a Honeymoon trip to Hong Kong and Macau. For a trip that is a perfect balance between Following are 10 romantic things to do in Hong Kong Macau:


  1. Victoria Harbor:
    Make a dash for a sunset cruise on Victoria Harbor to escape the ramblings of the busy city. Soak in your views of the orange and pink skyline while sipping on your favourite cocktail or wine. While enjoying the best view on a traditional Chinese tour boat, the guide will also share some interesting knowledge about the harbor and its views. It is one of the top 10 honeymoon destinations in hong kong macau that you have to visit!

Victoria Harbor Top 12 honeymoon destinations in Hong Kong Macau

  1. Lantau Island
    Plan a memorable evening tour around sunset to this beautiful island. You can cruise through the famous Tai O Fishing Village and stop at the heritage hotel for star gazing and watching the sunset. On your ride up to Ngong Ping in the cable car, you can enjoy a good view of the Giant Buddha, a famous statue which is majestic and holds utmost significance.

Lantau island Top 12 honeymoon destinations in Hong Kong Macau

  1. A Private Geo-Park:
    Take a yacht on a private geo-park for an ethereal experience, especially for honeymooners. You can hop on a yacht and sail across beautiful seascapes to reach the magical Grand Geo-Park. Enjoy panoramic views of the harbor and the skyline. You can grab a lunch at a waterside cafe. Click some Instagram-worthy shots as you spend the most amazing time on an Italian vessel!

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A Private Geo Park

  1. Shek O:
    Shek O is heaven for beach lovers. If you are looking for some special quality time with your partner against the backdrop of a beautiful beach, a trip to Shek O, a beachside village is recommended. Go to the Butterfly beach, which is less relatively more isolated and is one of the longest beaches in Hong Kong.

Shek o Top 12 honeymoon destinations in Hong Kong Macau

  1. Lamma Island:
    It is the third largest island in Hong Kong and is more commonly referred to as Pok Liu Chau. Spend a lazy and romantic day in lamma where you can hire bicycles in the main village and enjoy with your loved one. End your day with a scrumptious meal of seafood. One of the top 12 honeymoon destinations in hong kong macau is Lamma Island!

Lamma Island Top 12 honeymoon destinations in Hong Kong Macau

  1. The Venetian:
    Your honeymoon in cannot be finished without a trip to the Venetian, a property which is built on the theme of the romantic city of Venice. Enjoy a gondola ride or get a luxury cabana on the poolside for the most romantic poolside experience.

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The Venetian

  1. Dancing House
    The world’s largest water extravaganza, it is one of the most interesting things one can experience in Macau. The theatre boasts of world class equipment and technology with record breaking acts.

Dancing House Top 12 honeymoon destinations in Hong Kong Macau

  1. Senado Square
    This is one of the largest scares in Macau and has been the urban center for decades. It also got its place in the UNESCO World Heritage List of 2005. Some attractions on this square include the Macau Cathedral church, St Domingo’s Church where one can explore the museum of paintings, ornaments, and sculptures.

Senado Square Top 12 honeymoon destinations in Hong Kong Macau

  1. Seac Pai Van Park
    If the sight of Pandas gives you a warm feeling and you find those huge creatures difficult to resist, plan a trip to the Sea Pai Van Park where you can go to the Giant Panda Pavilion for the best time of your life. There is also a Museum of Nature & Agriculture, a zoo, a botanical garden, and a lot more top 10 honeymoon destinations in hong kong macau.

Seac Pai Van Par Top 12 honeymoon destinations in Hong Kong Macau

  1. Macau Tower:
    This is more than a beautiful piece of architecture. Macau Tower is one of the best honeymoon places in Macau. There is everything that can be done here, ranging from entertainment to shopping to adventure. You can also end your day here with a sumptuous dining experience. One of the best things to do in hong kong macau

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      11.Ocean Park:

Ocean Park Top 12 honeymoon destinations in Hong Kong Macau

This marine-life based theme park is just another destination to visit on your Hong Kong honeymoon. The thrilling rides and the interactive displays woo people of all ages alike. And the ride in the cable car, with the vast stretch of greens on one side & the alluring sea waters on the other, is truly romantic.

  1. Hong Kong Disneyland:
    Be the child in you! As the both of you step into the land of the disney fairytale, you will forget everything except the word ‘FUN’! Disneyland is easily accessible via the MTR train. Enjoy!

hong Kong Disneyland Top 12 honeymoon destinations in Hong Kong Macau

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