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Let’s Celebrate Bali with the Colourful Festivals

Festivals bring happiness, add colours to life, strengthen relations and get people closer. We have seen incredible festival celebrations since birth in our country. Why not experience the culture of any other place this time? Let’s make it to Bali, the quintessential island of Indonesia. Balinese festivals have a different type of flavour. If you love to indulge in different cultures, explore the beauty of different traditions, and wish to experience how the world outside you celebrates life, start from Bali. Below is a list of festivals Balinese celebrate with a bang.

Nyepi festival

nyepi festivalOne cannot gainsay that everyone in this world set their different rules. Balinese people choose to celebrate their New Year’s Day in a unique style. It may be a bit difficult to believe that people in Bali celebrate this day by staying silent, just opposite to western style of welcoming New Year. They believe that this must be dedicated to making and keeping the balance of nature. However, they celebrate it to the fullest a day before Nyepi and remain still on the next day. It is also believed that negative energy and evils leave the entire region due to this stillness. Plan your visit to Bali near Nyepi and experience this different style New Year.


easter baliEaster in Bali is celebrated by the followers of Christian religion. Celebration of this festival is surprising for most as Bali is a home to mostly Hindu people. Well, this is what diversity stands for. An interesting thing is that festivals in Bali are enjoyed by all, irrespective of their religion. Every year, the tickets to Bali are booked in advance by foreigners for Easter celebration. If you do not booked the tickets months ago, it will be impossible to get it at the last minute. The religious ceremonies are performed at churches as well as at homes.


kartini festivalThe prominent national figure of Indonesia, Raden Ayu Kartini, popularly known as Lady Kartini earned big name by founding the Balinese women’s rights movement. She also played a pivotal role in educating Balinese girls. In order to pay respect to this legend personality, people of Bali celebrate her day as festival.

Bali Art Festival

bali art festivalIf you are passionately interested in arts, get the opportunity to see the awe inspiring Bali Art Festival. Celebrated from June to July, this festival is the best way to experience the Bali culture in depth. The festival is organized at Bali’s Art Centre in Denpasar where the beautiful art troupes come from different locations of Bali. Here, you can enjoy Bali dances, wayang shadow puppets, and gamelon orchestra.

Kite Festival

kite festivalKite festival at Bali is an annual international kite festival hosted at Sanur Beach, Bali. There are numerous local teams of kite fliers who take part in this competition. Each of the teams comprises 70 to 80 people with their own Gamelon band, flyers, and flag bearers. On this day, the sky is adorned with massive traditional colorful kites. The festival sends a Hindu Gods to create ample crops & harvests.

Negara Bull Races (July to October)

Negara Bull Races The Negara bull races are very popular in Bali. During these colorful races bulls are decked with accessories, hitched in pairs to make chariots. These chariots are rode by jockeys who compete with each other to turn out the winner.

Nusa Dua Festival (August/September)

Nusa Dua FestivalNusa Dua is a weeklong Festival, when tourists can catch a glimpse of the represents the rich and vibrant local culture of Bali.