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Bali Adventure

Going on a Bali vacation is not all about just relaxing, sight seeing or partying. Bali, can give you a lot more. If you feel regular vacations to be boring, then add a tinge of thrill and adventure to this Bali vacation of yours. There are numerous adventurous things which you can do in Bali which you can do outdoors, escaping the confines of your hotel. There is a variety of scenic landscape in Bali which is waiting to be explored.

Be it a sea walking tour to explore the beauty of the ocean depths, or trekking on the nature trails like the Mount Batur to discover the magic of lush mountain valleys and remove villages, everything is totally exciting and thrilling in Bali. Do you too want to be a part of this adventure and want to know some adventurous things which you can do in your Bali vacation? If yes, then don’t worry because we have already handpicked some of the best ones for you. Continue reading and get ready to follow the off beaten paths.

1. Bali Swing

Have you loved sitting on swings since childhood? If yes, then you would definitely want to try this one. You might have often dreamed of touching the clouds or swinging in between the clouds, but this is the place where you can achieve a bit of this dream.

Melt your heart away with the breath - taking natural bird’s eye views of the island city by sitting on this swing which can take you from 10 to as high as 78 metres. Select the height according to your liking. It is considered as one of the most Instagram worthy location in Bali. The best time to visit this is in between April and September.

2. Underwater Scooter

If you are a water baby and hold quite fascination for the kind of world that lies underneath the calm waves of the sea, then this activity is just apt for you. It allows you to explore the vast underwater life in an exciting way while riding an underwater scooter.

This underwater scooter is pretty easy to use. Oxygen is injected into the helmet, so you can breathe easily. You can do the activity even if you don’t know swimming, as you just have to sit on the bike and enjoy the ride. Each scooter can carry two people. This is one of the most convenient way to explore the marine life in Bali.

3. Trek to Mount Batur

Mount Batur is a true mystical natural beauty. Start this trip from Serongga and enjoy the soft soothing chirping of the birds.

You also get to treat your eyes with delightful natural wonders as well as many scenic views. While you hike up, the trail can get a bit rocky and it is not for faint hearted people. A trek to Mount Batur is well suited for all the adventure junkies.

Have a fun, adventurous and a safe vacation to Bali!