Top 10 Things to Do in Central Hong Kong – Enjoy During Your Holidays

When the New Year 2018 Welcome celebrations are over, planning a trip to explore new destinations and get involved in some of the best things to do at any desired destination is the first choice of tour and travel enthusiasts. For them, Hong Kong is the destination where one can spend time with the feelings of New Year Celebrations all round the year. Earlier known as Choong Wan, the area of Central Hong Kong has witnessed westernized name after the establishment of the Island Line in the early 80s. This destination holds the reputation for being more cosmopolitan even than the thriving cities in London, Dubai and New York. If you are seeking adventure and excitement at the time of visiting a place, Central Hong Kong is the place to fulfill your desire. You just need to make an advance booking for the Cheap Hong Kong Macau tour packages from Delhi or make an advance booking for the cheapest Hong Kong Macau honeymoon packages from Mumbai.

Explore Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak has been offering unrivalled views of Hong Kong, Harbour Bay and Kowloon on the opposite side. At any time of the day or night, it is one of the memorable vistas in the world that is known locally as the Peak Tram Terminus in Central. Stylish collection of restaurants, gift shops and attractions like Madame Tussauds wax works as well as 3D trick eye art gallery and museum – all at the summit of the peak are sure to keep you busy in spending time in the most luxurious way.

Lan Kwai Fong

Called as LKF, it is a hotbed of after-dark activity with dizzying array of bars, restaurants and clubs that is located just a couple of minutes from central MTR Station. Party starts here with sunset and lasts till dusk. It feels as if the day begins with sunset here.

IFC Mall

The International Finance Centre Mall or IFC is known for offering the best of Hong Kong that has been accommodating a grandiose range of niches from retail to cuisines and entertainment. For those who are desiring more than just a souvenir to treasure, this miscellaneous paradise is assured to provide pleasure to all. The mall boasts some of the most sought-after, high-end names in fashion.

Edward Youde Aviary

It was started in the year of 1992 in an area of 32,000 square ft. – nestled within Central Hong Kong and featuring over 600 birds belonging to 80 different species indigenous to South East Asia and Indonesia. It has been showcasing the winged majestic creatures of the animal kingdom; while it is known for hosting a peaceful lagoon habitat for several species of waterfowl as well as the Australian Pelican, the Great White Pelican, and the Radjah Shelduck.

Suavis Lash Bar

After a daylong tour, you need some time to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. Fortunately, Sauvis Lash Bar fulfills your desire for this where you can explore the real charm of Hong Kong. You will be free to participate in a recent phenomenon taking Asia by storm that is eyelash extensions. For those with sparse lashes can be treated like royalty by specialists who have mastered intricate Japanese techniques, to turn a time-consuming task into a soothing session of cathartic bliss!

Sideways Driving Club

As the name implies, Sideways Driving Club has been hosting 15 networked simulators that acts as a virtual racing center – putting guests in the driver’s seat. It has been boasting fully functioning brake pedals, gear boxes, and ingeniously crafted steering system and allowing you to ignite your competitive side as well as race against your family and friends by throwing conventional norms of road safety to the wind.

Wanchai Heritage & Haunted Tour

Wan Chai Heritage and Haunted House is for those who want to unveil hidden gems like haunted mansions that were previously used as brothel where streets are developed on cemetery and talisman anointing a hidden bomb shelter along with a haunted school’s abandoned facility. It is a must see place and a thing to do during your tour to Hong Kong.

Graham Street Market

Another wonderful destination where you will get enough time to know about Central Hong Kong and a chance to do shopping, Graham Street Market is a must see place during your tour to Hong Kong. It offers a vast array of stalls exhibiting produce ranging from local fruits and vegetables to ornate trinkets. You will get a chance to relish the mouth-watering dim sum, among other delectable street foods and dried fruits and nuts.

Parkview Art Gallery

Parkview Art Gallery has got specialization in Asian and international contemporary art; while it has been showcasing museum-quality exhibitions of modern masters. You will see breathtaking works of both emerging and established artists. This world-class gallery excels in merging sophistication with rural influences and exhibitions that boast the masterpieces of genres such as the Gutai group.

Hong Kong Trail

This 50 km walking route that stretches through 5 country parks situated on Hong Kong Island. The hike is divided into eight sections, each one providing a series of walks and adventures so you can stroll leisurely and take in the incredible scenery.

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10 Places to Celebrate Valentine In 2018

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New Year 2018 Celebration at World’s Best Places

New Year 2018 – the most awaited time for celebration, brake from work and fun, is in countdown phase as people are waiting eagerly to say “Happy New Year” to their near and dear ones. For couples, planning a perfect holiday package or choosing New Year International honeymoon holiday package is the best way of refreshing and rejuvenating them in the most impressive way. if you are planning a memorable trip this festival season, here is a list of some of the best tourist destinations for you to explore in the month of January 2018. Some of them are here:

New York City

The global fashion hub and of course the best place to enjoy the real luxury of life, New York City is the place to celebrate New Year Eve in the most impressive way. From rock-fun party to quiet night and from shopping from the best shopping centers to luxurious accommodation, fun all night to everything you are looking for, New York City is for you to provide what exactly you are looking for. Don’t forget to spend time at Times Square where you can see famous musicians or you can also go for nighttime boat ride or Harbor.


Pride of Europe tourism, London is the most famous destination for New Year Celebration – mainly to wait till the Big Bang at Midnight in London. The breath-taking firework (for 10 minutes) display and light show at different bridges of the banks of Thames are sure to keep you spell bound. London Eye and the House of Parliament are some of the main attractions to see during New Year 2018 in London.


Miami has been the first choice of couples to enjoy romance. During New Year celebration, it increase manifold. The beautiful city presents the best and romantic resorts and hotels to stay in the most luxurious way. There are various rich clubs and bars to enjoy celebration.


The most charming fashion capital of the world, Paris is a must see cosmopolitan area once in a life. Eiffel Tower – One of the Seven Wonders of the World turns into the site of a terrific light show and firecrackers show during New Year Celebration. Montmartre also offers similar great perspectives of the firecrackers.

New Year 2018 Celebration at World’s Best Places 


The most charming city and the symbol of New Year Celebration in the world, Sydney turns into the most fascinated destination during New Year Eve. Sydney is famous for the largest firework display across the world. Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are the most charming attractions making a strike to create a romantic atmosphere. Aerial Acrobatics and gathering of more than a million people make it ideal place for New Year celebration.

Las Vegas

New Year celebration in Las Vegas is second to none as the city transforms into a street party spot with live music and laser shows. You will enjoy concerts, parties, clubs and events making your eve joyful and romantic.


Amsterdam is the best place for singles to see where firecracker shows in different areas and parties at clubs, bars and nightlife areas are at their best. You will enjoy live music and fun till the sun rises.

Hong Kong and Macau

When it comes to explore the best honeymoon destination and place for New Year Fun, Hong Kong and Macau are the best options where you and your partner will stay busy in the real luxury of life. Macau is the gabling capital of Asia and of course the best place for couples to enjoy fun.


The capital city of Thailand is the most beautiful city in Asia known for its nightlife, architectural wonders and lively night full with video screens projecting of live music concerts and light show followed by series of fireworks display illuminate just next to the riverside.

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The place that is especially for New Year is globally renowned for the New Year’s Eve. The grand even is hosted at Hofburg Palace where Christmas Markets immediately changes into New Year Hub.

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Best Places to Visit In January for Memorable Honeymoon and Vacations

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Most Romantic Places to Visit in Hong Kong and Macau

The beautiful tourist attractions in Hong Kong and adjacent Macau are sure to keep you enticed and spell bound for the time to come. There are various wonderful romantic attractions that have something enticing and special for you where you will find something that can enhance your pleasure of life. Choosing the best destination depend on type of Best Hong Kong Macau honeymoon packages and the best Hong Kong Macau tour packages provided by a reputed travel agency. Some of the most romantic and charming destinations that you will see include, but not limited to:

Middle Bay and Repulse Bay

Being one of the most charming attractions to see, Middle Bay is one of the most beautiful romantic places with beautiful coastline on 20 minutes walk from Repulse Bay. It is ideal place to enjoy romance during your trip to Hong Kong.  Not to mention Repulse Bay that is also one of the largest urban beaches on the south side of Hong Kong Island, Repulse Bay is ideal to celebrate family holidays or come close to each other in romantic ambience.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Park is famous attractions and the prime attraction in Hong Kong to explore that is between Garden Road and Cotton Tree Drive. It is on the highest point on Hong Kong Island where you will see blue waterways and green hills of the distant New Territories. Peak Circle Walk – a mile long way is also amazing that will take you to cliff-side paths to the scenic Lugard Road Lookout Point.

Best time to visit Hong Kong Macau

Lantau Island

Lantau Island is a wonderful place to keep you busy during honeymoon or any kind of other holidays that include amusement parks, sunny beaches and historical sites. It is also a home to famous Disneyland in Hong Kong. You will also go a bit divine by exploring Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery.

Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay is one of the most charming and wonderful attraction that is known as the beautiful beach on Hong Kong Island that has good services that include cafes, sort of waves to attract surfers, coastal footpath to Chai Wan to catch MTR and Buses and a lot more. You can enjoy the real pleasure of intimacy according to your choice.

Ocean Park

Naturally rich wonderful park is on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, Ocean Park is witnessing the presence of roller coasters and large aquariums. You will enjoy the ride in cable car that is an icon. Don’t forget to see funicular railway underneath the mountain – emulating a submarine dive. It has something for all walks of life.

Ngong Ping 360 on Lantau Island

Ngong Ping 360 on Lantau Island is the best Buddhist themed parks that have been featuring Imperial Chinese architecture, interactive shows, demonstrations, restaurants and coffee shops. It is also known for having the longest cable car ride in Hong Kong that affords stunning views. The ride also takes you to the largest outdoor seated Buddha. Don’t forget to spend more hours here in serene environment.

Most Romantic Places to Visit in Hong Kong and Macau

Ruins of St. Paul’s in Macau

Macau has various wonderful romantic attractions. Ruins of St Paul’s are one of them that is known as Sam Ba Sing Tzik that is situated near Mount Fortress and Macau Museum. The beautiful attraction is the most important and age-old structure of Macau with a gigantic relic and a stairway that reflect the remains of the century-old Jesuit Church. You will also see statute of Jesus and Madonna, walls covered with bas-reliefs in various patterns like devil, angels, signs of crucifixion and Portuguese sailing ship, and the beautifully landscaped garden in the front.

Macau Tower and Senado Square

Macau Tower is a landmark of the city known for a lovely view from the top. Its magnificent structure is sure to keep you enticed and spell bound for the time to come. It has observation decks and lounge, cinema, café, revolving deck and adventure zone. Not to mention Senado Square that is one of the most popular attractions in Macau to explore that is always bustling with tourists and locals. You will see shops, restaurants, offices and other attractions. Senado Square is UNESCO World Heritage Site – portraying the magical history of Macau.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is romantic destination to see in Macau located near Maritime Termina as a themed shopping mall and park. It was designed following Euramerican fisherman’s wharfs that are spread over sprawling 28 acres.

The Venetian for Ride the Gondola and Shopping

Venetian, the Vegas style and Venice-themed hotel, is one of the stylish and best places to visit in Macau. The beautiful attraction is famous for ultra-luxurious expanses, spectacular décor, lavish facilities and amazing activities. It is located on Cotai Strip, this luxurious extravaganza comprises vast lounge, royal rooms, Japanese, Indian and Italian fine dining restaurants, huge food court, glamorous live shows, sparkling shopping malls and games and entertainment zone.

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Top 5 Travel Company in India

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Best time to visit Hong Kong Macau

Both Hong Kong and Macau are adjacent to each other that have a charisma of their own to keep tourists enticed and spell bound for the time to come. There are various wonderful destinations in both Hong Kong and Macau to keep you busy and increase your eagerness to know more about them. These wonderful destinations are explored by thousands of tourists – mainly gambling lovers and honeymooners who seek serenity and romance altogether in the most memorable way and with something that can keep them surprised. Choosing cheap Hong Kong Macau honeymoon packages from Delhi or getting the best Hong Kong Macau holiday packages is certainly the best way of exploring more and find something amazing. Before making the final decision to booking your tour package, it is better to know about the main attractions and best time to visit Hong Kong & Macau.

Best Time to Visit Hong Kong and Macau

According to the weather conditions, months from October to December are the best time to visit these beautiful destinations of Hong Kong and Macau.  This is the time boasting of comfortable temperatures and reasonable room rates. If you are planning to explore in the December end and January First week, rates may be higher than expectations. New Year is the time when tourism reaches to its best, temperature reaches to pleasant level. However hotel prices and other expanses become higher.

Spring season is also ideal time to plan your holidays; while summer remains a popular time for tourists – no matter whether the temperature conditions are not in favor as it is hot and humid in summer. You are advised to avoid exploring Hong Kong during Chinese National Holidays, when tourists from China prefer to spend time with their families and all hotels and other places go full.

Best time to visit Hong Kong Macau

April to May

From April to May, you will find weather conditions in your favor as it is the time when both winter’s climate and summer’s humidity don’t show their impact. According to the locals, it is spring season that is an exceptional time to visit Hong Kong and Macau.

October to December

October to December months is also pleasant as it is the time to enjoy daytime temperature along with pleasant weather with average room rates. However, first week of the month of October often goes full due to Chinese National holidays.

June to September

If you need low prices on hotel and other things, then, months from June to September are ideal. However, temperature is not in favor for tourism. It is hot and humid where rainy season also show its real face. Room rates go down and you will find fewer tourists in comparison to other months.

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Top 10 restaurants in Hong Kong

Luxury accommodation and dining are two main requirements, when it comes to explore a new destination either for leisure or business tour. Hong Kong is a beautiful city-state offering you world-class dining options form classic and brilliantly inventive Cantonese to the first Italian restaurant outside Italy. You will find some of the best restaurants either in 5-star hotels or independently. If you are looking for the best restaurant to quench your appetite, here is a chance for you to choose according to your choice. Some of the best restaurants where you can enjoy fine dining during your Hong Kong Macau honeymoon packages or Hong Kong holiday packages include, but not limited to:

One Harbour Road – Wan Chai, Cantonese

The world-class restaurant at Grand Hyatt is famous for classic Cantonese dishes and for home-cooked style food that borders on perfection. You will get a variety here like crab claw, wagyu beef, finest fish from across the world, and a lot more. It is for those who want something more than just delicious platters.

On Lot 10

It is a small, casual and basic restaurant spread over two floors and decorated in shades of white. It is the most unassuming of the top French restaurants in Hong Kong. From roast chicken to a whole bird and from cut into pieces and cooked with seasonal ingredient meat to whole fish, roasted in salt crust and seafood soup, a variety of available here.

Island Tang

Being one of the most stylish Chinese Restaurants in the city, Island Tang is famous for its interior features plush chairs and banquettes along with dark wood contrasting with bright accents and updated-retro décor reflecting the elegantly presented and beautifully cooked Cantonese classic on the menu.

Amber at Landmark Mandarin Oriental – Central Western

Another wonderful place to dine, especially for sumptuous Western cuisines, Amber is known for its interior – bold but light and fantastically plated. Dishes are served on the cutting edge of the culinary arts with an amazing menu.

Spring Deer Restaurant at Kowloon

It is very popular among locals – counted as out-and-out Chinese restaurant that is spacious and seat up to 300 Diners. It is a wonderful place to take some of the best dishes like Peking Duck with Hoi Sin Sauce and large portions.

Lung King Heen at Wan Chai Cantonese

The wonderful restaurant has been commanding spectacular harbor views from its fourth-floor location; while it has been offering contemporary Cantonese cuisines at its best.. Dishes are prepared from the finest local ingredients. It is located in the Four Seasons Hong Kong on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island.

[ Top 10 restaurants in Hong Kong Smart Holidays Shop ]


The Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong is one of the finest restaurants in Asia where you will find some of the very best and special cuisines that are hardly found anywhere else in Hong Kong. It is on the 101st floor of the ICC Building – the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong.

Sai Kung Seafood New Territories – Seafood

Locals and even seafood lovers from across the world who have seen Hong Kong say that Sai Kung in the New Territories is the best place to sample local seafood. Seafood fans head for the seafront promenade, where sampans sell freshly caught fish straight off the deck or, in some cases, straight from the boat.

Tim Ho Wan

Being the branch of famous Dim Sum, Tim Ho Wan become world famous when it became the cheapest ever Michelin-starred restaurant, where food lovers flocked to check it out. For tourists and those who are from different countries to Hong Kong, it is an ideal place to choose your dim sum by ticking a piece of paper.

The Boat House – Stanley

This wonderful three-storey colorful and fully painted building has been offering amazing and great views out over Stanley Bay and its rooftop section that is place to head for, if you are after a quaint seaside atmosphere. Not to mention a-la-carte menu that is sure to surprise you

More Information Visit Here

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