Exciting World of Theme Parks in Germany

Germany, the most beautiful, rich and perfectly developed nation in Europe, is a must see destination once in life offering a variety. Theme parks are also very much popular in Germany that are known for offering a variety in profusion and are considered as most preferred places to enjoy outing with families. You have hundreds of choices to choose. If you are on your holidays in Germany with family, you will get some of the best options to enjoy the real pleasure of life. Some of the most charming theme parks in Germany are the following:


Playmobil Fun Park


This wonderful park is in Zirndorf to the west of Nuremberg that is in more than 90000 square meter of indoor and outdoor areas. It offers all kinds of fun and entertainment. Secret Chambers, Dungeons, Hall of Mirrors, Dinosaurs Park, Corsair, etc are different points to explore and enjoy the real adventure of theme parks.


Legoland Germany

Legoland Deutschland, a wonderful Legoland park is located in Gunzburg in Southern Germany – spreading over 43.5 hectares in area and counted as one of the 4 most popular theme parks in Germany. This beautiful miniland includes Lego representation of different German cities and rural landscapes. You can try out thrilling rides, build the center or live the life of a giant at Miniland.

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Europa Park

It is located in north of Freiburg in the Black Forest that is counted as Germany’s biggest theme park and the second biggest in Europe. It includes twelve European countries that are represented on the 200-acres grounds where you will enjoy architecture and culture to the plants, trees and flowers. You will see 13 roller coasters like Alpenexpress Enzian – a powered coaster – speeding through the diamond mine.


Freizeitpark Ravensburger Spieleland


You have some other better options to that are sure to make you and your kids feel special. Ravensburger Spieleland is home to the ‘biggest playroom’ in the world and is completely perfect for families with children aged three and above.


This wonderful park at Bruhl is near Cologne – Germany’s second most visited theme park that give a trip to the moon; while it’s Temple of the Nighthawk takes you on a journey on the back of a virtual hawk. It has theme villages that include Mexico, Old Berlin and Chinatown.


Another wonderful adventure park is in Cleebronn between Stuttgart and Heilbornn that is one of the Germany’s oldest theme parks. It has various child-friendly features; while the place is ultimate destination to go for fun and adventure. There are hundreds of attractions like museum, animal petting and feeding, roller coasters, playgrounds, theatre and different others to enjoy holidays.

You will also find various other attractions that are sure to make you feel special and provide you a way to explore something more than what you have expected.

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